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Why we sell masternodes?

To obtain funds for marketing and advertising companies. No any funds will be spent for development .We have 3 experienced developers with more than 15 years of experience to create payment and insurance systems.
However if we find any investor that want to cover our costs for advertising before first masternode sold we immediately close Masternode sale and focus for main services development.

Are crypto masternodes scams?

In 90% of coins - the answer is YES. Everyone can create PIVX fork and launch their coin and website with nice pictures.
To proof that our coin is not a scam we create product first and then offer to buy masternode.
You probably already know CryptoCore work with explorer. If not please read about explorer here.
The payment system beta and masternode owner portal will be launched and you can buy masternode using it.

What benefits masternode will give to you?

Masternode owners will get rewards from all CryptoCore services. You can see planned services and masternode owner share here.

How many masternodes are for sale?

There are initially 100 Masternodes for sale. Coin specification allows only 6 new masternodes owners during the year. Developers Will setup 10 masternodes but will not register them for CryptoCore rewards from services.

Buy masternode now

Here you can buy masternode. But currently payment gateway is in development. Take a look at Roadmap

Masternode prices

Mastednodes sold Count BTC Cost
1-5 5 BTC 0.25
6-9 5 BTC 0.30
11-20 10 BTC 0.40
21-45 25 BTC 0.60
46-70 25 BTC 1.00
71-100 30 BTC 2.00