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CryptoCore Payment Gateway

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CryptoCore payment system

Crypto currency payment gateway

The simplest payment gateway for merchants accepting crypto currency.

Register merchant

Fill in simple registration form and wait for confirmation.

Connect to your service

Install plugin to your shop or simple integrate payment REST api.

Withdraw your crypto

Withdraw you crypto currency in seconds with 0-1% fee.

Payment gateway features

No transaction fee

Payment gateway do not take any transaction fee during transaction

No monthly charges

The account is 100% free with no subscription or monthly charges

Fast withdraw

No limit to withdraw the amount. Fixed 0-1% withdraw fee.

Simple api

REST API platform offers a simple interactive interface.

Merchant integration

Support Magento 2, Magento 1, Shopware and other webshops

Donation and payment button

For website owners, add a payment or donation button to your website.