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Ultimate solutions
for crypto-currencies

Payment system, Exchange, Block explorer, Online betting, Online gaming, Copytrading automatic bot

CryptoCore ecosystem

Simple integration of crypto currencies to services

Pay online in various shops and services.
Exchange your crypto.
Get rewards from CryptoCore masternode coin.

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CryptoCore Features

CryptoCore coin

CryptoCore Masternode coin owners will get rewards in BTC, LTC, ETH and other currencies from CryptoCore services

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Payment system

Anonymous online payment system. No any private information in stored during the payment.

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0 Deposit Fee, 0 Exchange fee. Simple way to exchange any supported crypto currency

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Block explorer

CryptoCore block explorer for any bitcoin-forked currency and Omnilayer assets

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Betting system

Bet online with crypto for any incoming public event or make your own private betting.

Online gaming

Win crypto currency playing in online games.

CryptoCore Roadmap

Blokchain Explorer

Explorer core - preview blocks, transactions & addresses if available.
Coin stats, Premine, Rich list.
Single mastermodes & ROI.
PoS Statistics.
PoW mining pool.
Exchanges statistics.
Memory pool (view unconfirmed transactions).
Masternode & Wallet monitoring system.
PIVX Governance explorer.
Omnilayer assets.
Explorer samples:
Support masternode tier system.
Blocknet DX support.
Etherium & forks main explorer.
Etherium asset explorer.
$PAC Governance.

Crypto Payment System
2019 - 2020

Basic payment gateway options (Create order and pay for it).
Payment administration system for merchants with payments withdraw.
Coin antifork system to prevent coin forks and pay with orphan blocks.
CryptoCore system website.
Magento 2 plug-in for payment gateway.
Payment gateway Beta release.
Masternode owners portal
Create new PIVX COIN fork for payment system investors.
CryptoCore coin Masternode ICO using payment system. CryptoCore coin Specification will come later. This step helps to obtain funds for future development and advertising.
Integrate CryptoCore coin to payment system to allow investors receive payment fees from payment system.
List CryptoCore coin on major exchanges.
List explorer coins on payment system.
Payment gateway first release.
Payment system advertising for various merchants.

Crypto Exchange

Implement Deposit & Withdraw functions.
Implement basic exchange functionality (bid, ask, fill order).
Exchange design & graphics UI.
List explorer coins on exchange.
Exchange Beta release.
Integrate CryptoCore coin to Exchange to allow investors obtain their fees from exchange profit.

Online betting portal

Functions and plans will come after Exchange release.

Online gaming portal

Functions and plans will come after Exchange release.

Crypto copytrading bot for automatic sales

Functions and plans will come after Exchange release.